Our team has published a broad scope of studies with our client and research partners.  This continued research yields insights to improve clinical outcomes and provides substantiated evidence to inform good, safe, and timely decisions about health care.

Electronic Health Record Databases

  1. Ayuso-Mateos JL, Arango C, Parellada M, Perez V, Portella M, Wentworth C, Arana A, Lopez-Garcia P. Risk Factors and Associations Between Antidepressants Prescribed in Primary Care and Suicidal Behavior: A General Population Study Across All Ages. PLOS Medicine, in press [The Health Improvement Network (THIN-UK)]

  2. Zhou X, Murugesan S, Bhuller H, Liu Q, Cai B, Wentworth C, Bate A. An Evaluation of the THIN Database in the OMOP Common Data Model for the Active Drug Safety Surveillance. Drug Safety, 2013; 36(2): 119-34 [The Health Improvement Network (THIN-UK)]

  3. Xue F, Wentworth C, Ganesh V, Gastanaga V, Stryker S, Cha S, Zhao S. Renal Impairment, Hemoglobinemia Among Patients with Idiopathic Thrombocytopenia Purpura. American Journal Hematology, 2011; 86(9): 738-742 [UK General Practice Research Database (GPRD)]

  4. Arana A, Wentworth C, Ayuso-Mateos JL, Arellano F. Suicidality in Patients Treated with Antiepileptic Drugs. New England Journal of Medicine, 2010; 363: 542-551 [The Health Improvement Network (THIN-UK)]

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  6. Sazonov V, Beetsch, Phatak H, Wentworth C, Evan M. Association Between Dylipidemia and Vascular Events in Patients Treated with Statins: Report from the UK General Practice Research Database. Atherosclerosis, 2009 [UK General Practice Research Database (GPRD)]

  7. Arellano FM, Arana A, Wentworth C, Fernandez-Vidaurre C, Schlienger RG, Conde E. Lymphoma Among Patients with Atopic Dermatitis and/or Treated with Topical Immunosuppressants in the United Kingdom. Journal of Clinical Immunology, 2009; 125(3): 1111-1116 [The Health Improvement Network (THIN-UK)]

  8. Chandwani S, Wentworth C, Burke TA, Patterson TF. Utilization and Dosage Patterns of Echinocandins for Treatment of Fungal Infections in US Hospital Practice. Curr Med Re Opin, 2009; 25(2): 385-393 [Premier Perspective Database (US in-hospital based data)

  9. Phatak H, Wentworth C, Burke T. Lipid Testing Among Patients Beginning Statin Therapy in General Practice in the United Kingdom. Value Health, 2008 Sep-Oct; 11(5): 933-938 [UK General Practice Research Database (GPRD)]

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  11. Jara M, Lanes S, Wentworth C, May C, Kesten S. Comparative Safety of Long-Acting Inhaled Bronchodilators. Drug Safety, 2007; 30(12): 1151-1160 [The Health Improvement Network (THIN-UK)]

  12. Arellano FM, Yood M, Wentworth C, Oliveria S, Rivero E, Verma A, Rothman K. Use of Cyclo-Oxygenase 2 Inhibitors (COX-2) and Prescription Non-Steroidal AntiInflammatory Drugs (NSAID) in UK and US Populations; Implications for COX-2 Cardiovascular Profile. Pharmacoepidemiology and Drug Safety 2006; 15: 861-872 [The Health Improvement Network (THIN)]

  13. Burke TA, Sturkenboom MC, Lu S, Wentworth CE, Lin Y, Rhoads GG. Discontinuation of Antihypertensive Drugs Among Newly Diagnosed Hypertensive Patients in UK General Practice. J Hypertens 2006; 24: 1193–1200 [UK General Practice Research Database (GPRD)]

Insurance / Payer Claims Databases:

  1. Panaccio M, Cummins G, Wentworth C, Lanes S, Michels S, Reynolds M, Miao R, Koren A. A Common Data Model to Assess Cardiovascular Hospitalization and Mortality in Atrial Fibrillation Patients Using Administrative Claims and Medical Records. Clinical Epidemiology, 2015; 12(7):77-90 [Truven Health Analytics MarketScan (US) administrative healthcare claims database / Geisinger Health System's MedMining electronic medical record database (EMR-US)]

  2. Schneider G, Juday T, Wentworth C, Lanes S, Hebden T, Seekins D. Impact of Health Care Payer Type on HIV Stage of Illness at Time of Initiation of Antiretroviral Therapy in the USA. AIDS Care, 2013; 25(11): 1470-6 [GE Centricity Outpatient Electronic Medical Records (US)]

  3. Arellano FM, Arana A, Wentworth C, Vidaurre C, Chipps BE. Prescription Patterns for Asthma Medications in Children and Adolescents with Health Care Insurance in the United States. Pediatric Allergy Immunology, 2011; 22(5): 469-476 [PharMetrics (US) administrative healthcare claims database]

  4. Kamal-Bahl S, Burke T, Watson D, Wentworth C. Dosage, Titration, and Gaps in Treatment with Extended Release Niacin in Clinical Practice. Current Medical Research and Opinion, 2008; 30 (6): 1819-1823 [Ingenix Lab/Rx (US) administrative healthcare claims database]

  5. Arellano FM, Wentworth C, Arana A, Fernandez C, Paul C. Risk of Lymphoma Following Exposure to Calcineurin Inhibitors and Topical Steroids in Patients with Atopic Dermatitis. Journal of Investigative Dermatology, 2007; 127: 808-816 [PharMetrics (US) administrative healthcare claims database]

  6. Zhao SZ, Wentworth C, Burke TA, Makuch RW. Drug Switching Patterns Among Patients With Rheumatoid Arthritis and Osteoarthritis Using COX-2 Specific Inhibitors and Non Specific NSAIDs. Pharmacoepidemiology and Drug Safety 2004, 13(5): 277-287 [Automated (US) healthcare insurance claims database]

  7. Lanes SF, LL Lanza, CE Wentworth. Risk of Emergency Care, Hospitalization, and ICU Stays for Acute Asthma Among Recipients of Salmeterol. American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine, 1998; 158: 857-861 [Automated (New England) healthcare insurance claims database]

  8. Zhao SZ, Wentworth C, Burke TA, Makuch RW. Duration of Treatment with Celecoxib, Rofecoxib, and Non-Specific NSAIDs Among Managed Care Enrollees with Rheumatoid Arthritis and Osteoarthritis: A Measure of Comparative Drug Effectiveness. Value in Health, in press [Automated (US) health insurance claims records]

  9. Zhao SZ, Wentworth C, Makuch RW. Re-Initiation of NSAIDs and COX-2 Specific Inhibitors Following Treatment Discontinuation Among Arthritis Patients in a US Managed Care Organization. Journal of General Internal Medicine, in press [Automated (US) health insurance claims records]

Proprietary databases:

  1. Alejandro Arana, Sam Allen, Jo¨rg Burkowitz, Valerio Fantoni, Ola Ghatnekar, Marıa Teresa Rico, Nathalie Vanhaverbeke, Charles E. Wentworth, Max Brosa and Felix M. Arellano. Infliximab Paediatric Crohn’s Disease Educational Plan a European, CrossSectional, Multicentre Evaluation. Drug Safety, 2010; 33(6): 1-13 [Independent survey data (proprietary)]

  2. Keston S, Jara M, Wentworth C, Lanes S. Pooled Clinical Trial Analysis of Tiotropium Safety. Chest, 2006; 130: 1695-1703 [Randomized double-blind placebo-controlled clinical data]

  3. Rothman KJ, CE Wentworth. Mortality of Cystic Fibrosis Patients Receiving Tobramycin Solution for Inhalation. Epidemiology 2003, 14(1): 55-59 [Cystic Fibrosis Foundation registry database]

  4. Osterhaus, J, C May, T Burke, CE Wentworth. Physician-Reported Management of Edema and Destabilized Blood Pressure in COX-2 Specific Inhibitor Users with OA and Treated Hypertension. Clinical Therapeutics, 2002; volume 24, number 6 (969-989) [Cross-sectional survey database (proprietary)]

  5. Johnson ES, SF Lanes, CE Wentworth, MH Satterfield, BL Abebe, LW Dicker. A Metaregression Analysis of the Dose-Response Effect of Aspirin on Stroke. Archives of Internal Medicine, 1999; 159: 1248-1253 [Randomized double-blind placebo-controlled clinical data]

  6. Lanes SF, JE Garrett, CE Wentworth, JM Fitzgerald, JP Karpel. The Effect of Adding Nebulized Ipratropium Bromide to Salbutamol (Albuterol) in the Treatment of Acute Asthma: a Pooled Analysis of Three Trials. Chest, 1998; 114: 365-372 [Randomized double-blind placebo-controlled clinical data]

Additional Presentations and Publications

  1. Leo S, Makanji H, Makanji S, Cutts S, Wentworth C, Regine M, Santilli M, Rebello J Description of Adherence, Switches, and Discontinuations Among Statin Users in a Regional Medicare Health Plan AMCP Journal of Managed Care & Specialty Pharmacy 2015; 21(10 Suppl A):1-85

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