IntelliCare Dashboard: Making Health Data Actionable for Employers

After a year of research and personal interviews with employers, health insurance brokers, payers and providers, the team at BetaXAnalytics learned some interesting things.  First, we learned that healthcare is the second highest expense for employers, right behind salaries.  But employers typically get little to no insight into their health data.  Their health plan gives them an annual data "dump."  This is typically 60 pages of confusing jargon and metrics which do not mean much to non-clinicians.  

We decided to take on the challenge of taking the data that employers need to use to make their health spending decisions, and to display it in a way that is meaningful to them.  BetaXAnalytics ingests the health claims data, health pharmacy data, wellness data and HR data for the employer's members.  This data is run through algorithms, and it is personally analyzed by a clinical data scientist.  From this data we pull out the cost drivers, or "health headlines" as we like to call them, and we use what we know about the company's current benefits to make their data insights actionable.  We remove the jargon and add robust visualizations. The end result is a snapshot that tells an employer everything they need to know about their health cost drivers, the health needs of their members, wasteful spending, and if their wellness services are showing a return on investment.

Data is only useful when it is understandable.  Up until now, employers have been missing the transparency they need to make wise health spending decisions.  As a company, we use the power of “data for good” to help employers to become savvy health consumers, saving health dollars and better targeting health interventions to keep employees well.  The IntelliCare Dashboard is our innovative visualization approach for shining a light on health data insights to help companies make sound, informed health spending decisions.