BetaXAnalytics Selected to Compete in MassChallenge's Bridge to Rhode Island Accelerator

Providence, RI – BetaXAnalytics, a Rhode Island-based health analytics startup, has been selected as one of 12 companies to participate in MassChallenge’s business accelerator in Rhode Island in 2017.

The 12 finalists were chosen from a pool of 42 applications and were evaluated by a panel of 11 judges comprised of experienced entrepreneurs, executives, and investors.  The finalists will participate in a 4-day immersive boot camp and pitch competition.  The winner will be fast-tracked to the final pitch round of MassChallenge 2017. 

BetaXAnalytics was co-founded by a URI-based pharmacoepidemiologist and programmer Mark Regine, PhD, who is bringing the latest technology to healthcare analytics to enable payers, providers and employers of all sizes to turn their health and pharmacy data into actionable clinical intelligence to improve the cost and quality of their healthcare.  They specialize in using technology to make using and interpreting health data affordable and actionable for all, even for small and mid-sized payers and providers.  Health analytics uses big data in healthcare to help to better allocate resources for healthcare providers, identify gaps in care and wasteful spending to help push down costs in the healthcare system.

MassChallenge’s Bridge to Rhode Island program will take place in February of 2017.  MassChallenge is the world’s largest business accelerator and competition program awarding over $1 million annually in prizes to small businesses.  Through their global network of accelerators in Boston, the UK, Israel, Switzerland, and Mexico, and international access to corporate partners, their impact drives growth and creates value around the world.  Here in Rhode Island, MassChallenge’s program has been one of several initiatives to build innovation and entrepreneurship made possible through the support of Governor Gina M. Raimondo and the Rhode Island Commerce Corporation. 


About BetaXAnalytics:

BetaXAnalytics gives health payers and providers actionable strategies to better target health interventions and to save health dollars by turning health and pharmacy data into intelligence. They use data to target the estimated 30% of wasted healthcare dollars in the U.S. by identifying trends and emerging risks in member health, stratifying members by costly chronic health conditions, and identifying waste and gaps in healthcare services. Their predictive analytics and custom tools make clear data insights available to promote timely health interventions. 

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