Don't Let Benefits Planning Take You From Your "Happy Place"

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One of the most common headaches we hear from HR leaders is the reality that they have to sift through piles of reports and data from so many vendors to figure out what’s going on. They want to answer questions like, Are our employee programs working? Are vendors performing the services they promised? Is our spending increasing, and why? And most importantly, How can we save money? The gargantuan task of wading through stacks of reports and data falls in the lap of HR.

There’s got to be a better way.

Imagine you have the ability to bring all your data to one place—your health and pharmacy claims, wellness program data, vendor data, employee location and demographics. Imagine you can control how you want to see your data. And you see your data in a way that is easy-to-understand and actionable. 

Sound too good to be true?

Data is only helpful if it is understandable. And data gets a bad rap, but only because it’s associated with the confusing process of trying to make sense of it. Well, here’s some good news…when you have data science, clinical and pharmacy and HR expertise on your side, you open up the transparency you need in your data. This process saves time, helps you to make better decisions, and helps your company to save money. 

At BetaX, we specialize in putting employer data in one place, and we use transparent executive-ready dashboards to help employers to become savvy health consumers.

Let us bring you back to your “happy place.” Contact us today for a free demo.